Film Processing

Film photography is just as relevant and important to our daily life as ever, and we are very happy to be Scotland’s only independent film lab that processes all formats from 110, 126, 35mm 120 medium format,5x4 and 10x8 sheet film and all methods of processing including C-41, E6 and Black & White, as well as the unconventional cross processing for alternative needs.

We work on a schedule of two process days a week, (Monday’s and Thursday’s) which cover next day scanning and printing. We provide a variety of levels of scanning packages on our Fujifilm Frontier SP3000. For individual or higher resolution scans we have the Hasselblad Imacon Flextight and Epson Flatbed for more creative scanning and archiving older formats of film. As well as scanning each individual film frame on our machines, we also create contact sheets on our flat bed for the purpose of review or display depending on your project.

Film can be dropped off here at our lab in Leith, or can be posted direct to us. You can do this by simply downloading the order form from our website to include with your film in the parcel explaining the specific directions for our lab to follow. The film can then be archived for 6 months or returned to you by post or courier.

Along with processing film in house, we provide digital archival services for older negatives and mounted slide film for those old dusty boxes in the wardrobe. With the consideration of age and film type, we can offer colour correction as needed for the film that needs some extra special care to see it at it’s best.

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