A&M Imaging, based in the heart one of Edinburgh’s most creative neighbourhoods. We have been servicing the needs of photographers, artists and keen enthusiasts for over 30 years. We are continually building on our skills and standards to keep up with the cutting edge of technology whilst also maintaining some of the more traditional methods allowing you to achieve the absolute best from your imagery, regardless of how you capture and create it.

Our range of papers and products cover a broad spectrum that cater for most needs, however, as our production is all in house, not only do we take great care of quality control in all parts of our services, we also work with individuals on a bespoke basis and will research and provide unique products depending on your projects.

Furthermore, we offer a full range of film photography services that spread across all formats including C41, E6 and Black & White. Depending on the project, we have the facilities to provide both printing and digital scanning of film.

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Our focus of investing in only what is necessary to produce the highest quality prints and products, gives us the ability to offer the best prices on the market.

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We are an independent lab based in Leith, the creative hub of Edinburgh, consisting of a small dedicated team of experienced, highly skilled individuals. Every department of our lab carries with it a consistent level of expertise and careful attention to detail. We love our local community as well as our fellow creatives from further afield and take pride in working alongside photographers and artists alike to accomplish the highest quality work whether it’s for an exhibition, commercial work or personal projects, our small team will take the time to listen to your ideas and create the most effective solutions to best fit your goals.

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